i used to write a lot, but it’s maybe 4 years i dont write regularly anymore. When you tour like i did, 8 hours with your ass in a van, and at night on stage, you got to be super excited, because people are expecting you to stage dive, you use your time left to shower, eat, sleep and play soduku. i dont tour its been 2 years, actually i spent 1 year and half only waiting for my  UK residence application that should have got an awnser for no longer than 6 months (i would like to use this parenthesis to thank Home Office) but then, i got used to it, silence in my head (haha not really). actually i did write, but only for myself. bitching basically.

OK, im getting dristracted by my own blablabla, im starting to think about

and also

aqui ó

the point is…
it’s 10:42 in the morning and im already thinking about lunch. so im getting moody, but i still need to say something.
you can come here and bitch about whatever you want but one thing, i dont give a fuck my english is lousy lazy and not really rich, so dont waste your time reminding me some spelling or grammar issue. i dont care.
that was not really my point.
you see, im quite impulsive.

just show up here sometimes and i’ll tell you what’s going on planet Marina.

you know you love me


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  1. gabinha Says:

    gata teu inglês é só charme!

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