things is almost forgot how much i love

rain forest green.

curitibanos’ bad mood.

dalton trevisan.

honey bread.

storm, sun and rainbows altogether many times a day.

the massive frog that lives in my mom’s garden.

talking for hours about literature with my best friend’s dad Tio Cao.


rua trajano reis.

the smell of laundry dried in a sunny afternoon.

the smell. all of them. curitiba i love the way you smell.

my  mom’s old sofa.

my old bedroom’s balcony.

my first guitar.

making songs on my first guitar in my old bedroom’s balcony.

i almost. but i didnt. i could. but i wont.

and i ll always come back , even if for just a bit, here.

i wont forget where i come from.

and now i’ll stop quoting myself.


2 Responses to “things is almost forgot how much i love”

  1. gabinha Says:

    cê tá numa vibe i’m still, i’m still jenny from the block né?

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