Things you should avoid about Brazil – part 2.


The singer of Família Lima (check previous post) is married to this girl Sandy and her in the closet brother Junior.

You can understand why they married checking this video right here.

He loves to screw operas and classical music. She loves to do even worse portuguses versions of songs she picked up from the list of worse songs ever made in history.

There’s this one as well, huuuge success in Brazil, but I can’t remember what’s the name of the original song in English. I googled it, but the hundreds of fan clubs i found don’t seem to have a clue either.

It gets worse when i find THE REMIX for this song:

Well, this people are among the richest people in Brazil club. And best record sellers also.


2 Responses to “Things you should avoid about Brazil – part 2.”

  1. amanda Says:


  2. gabinha Says:

    como assssiiiiiiim não sabe de quem é a música original? uma dica: é tipo a sandy mas é do canada.

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