I S2 Iguita

Sport and Style COMBO

I have a new session in this blog right now. My favourite players of all times.




Rene Higuita Zapata is from Medellín like my friend ISA GT.

Higuita is a virgo, born in 28 of august 1966, but im pretty sure he might have an ascendent in Leo or Scorpio, he’s not only a sportsman he USED to have style.

In 2005, he got RAMDOMIZED by Colombian Extreme Makeover. I think the plastic surgeon was really jealous of his looks. Unfortunately this is how Higuita loks like nowawdays:

sad. but true.

Next week: Garrincha, the legendary wife beater.


One Response to “I S2 Iguita”

  1. amanda Says:

    pode creeeeer essa defesa dele foi a melhor de todos os tempos!!!!

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