I know this movie is sooo 2009

(but since when this blog is about the newest and collest things everyone is so obsessed about)


it really mess up with me, i had nightmares for 2 days.

so, i got so pissed off that i went to research about Dolphins slaughterings and i found this. For the non-portuguese speakers, i’m sorry, but this is about ILEGAL hunt of dolphins in north of Brasil, the news are from 2007, but i’m pretty sure Ibama (the enviroment agency of brazilian goverment) haven’t really stopped this. People in Belem-PA can buy dolphin eyes TO PUT IN THEIR WALLETS FOR LUCK on the Ver o Peso market. The meat is not even sold or eaten, they only get their fins and eyes.

I also found this, so it’s not only the japanese being big fuckers on this matter.

i wondered what if there was anything i could do about it. for now i only signed this petition, but it’s a beggining…

I’m also not eating fish that i dont know where it comes from and i’m always checking if it was caught in a low enviroment impact way.

It’s not much, but it’s something.

I never thought i would one day wake up and really care about this kind of things, but when you understand you’re part of this world and anything concerning this little blue planet in a corner of a distant galaxy is also YOUR RESPONSABILITY, well you can’t just feel indiferent, at least not me.

Innocent days are long long gone.


2 Responses to “I know this movie is sooo 2009”

  1. amanda Says:

    voce tem que ler “eating animals” do jonathan safran foer. você nunca mais vai comer carne. ainda bem que sou vegetariana!

  2. konchan Says:

    damn, im in Japan and was so pissed with the japanese… BUT im brazilian , and now i got really disturb…..

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