Henry Rollins is a hater

but, yeah, he’s funny


3 Responses to “Henry Rollins is a hater”

  1. yorksranter Says:

    “The great mystery over the next few days: what will Marina do?”

  2. marinagasolina Says:

    all the brazilian candidates in this election were a joke, lot’s a people thought she was the better option, but she is against the decriminalization of abortion, gay marriage, and other progressive measures brazil trully needs…
    also, few years ago, Marina da Silva husband was caught in scheme of selling confiscated wood that was ilegally taken from the nature, what sort of enviromentalist she is im not sure….

  3. yorksranter Says:

    it’s not in the Wiki article, but it reminds me of Samuel Marsden, who wanted to stop people bringing guns to New Zealand in the 1840s up to the day a case of Bibles for his mission got dropped and turned out to be full of muskets…

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