I’ve been going to Liverpool regularly this year, as i’ve been working on my album with Daniel.  After long hours of studio, our favourite choice of a relaxing time was this open mic night on tuesday  (in a bar i forgot the name) .People come and play one or two songs of their composition, hoping to be discovered by an A&R, or maybe just for fun, to sing their songs they do on their free time in front of an audience…. To be honest most of it i find it rubbish, people trying to sound like Coldplay/Oasis kind of shit… Still, very entertaining…and cheap beer..

The first time i’ve been there, there was this guy sitting next to us, smelling kind of bad  and he would go and talk to the promoter  every 5 minutes, trying to discover what time it was gonna be his turn. He was looking so anxious, that i started feeling anxious for him. The promoter looked like was trying to avoid this guy to go onstage, or at least delay him the most he could (found out later, that he couldn’t stay until the end of the night, otherwise he couldn’t get his train back home in time).

Finally his turn came, they announced him as Tree Man. He came onstage and started tuning (actually untuning) the guitar. Then he went on the mic and said he just changed his Artistic Name to INTERNET (how awesome is this?)

He started, all sloppy and out of tune singing this sad song about how much he wished to one day find a woman that would become his wife.

I looked around and people were looking embarrassed or ignoring him, until the talking was  louder than Internet…

Literally the only table paying attention to him was us. And to be honest, i wasnt only paying attention, i was touched… I loved him and his music straight away… He is borderline comic, borderline tragic. But, he was definitely the most honest artist i’ve seen perform in a very long time… he truly felt what he was singing .. After his 2 songs (where people barely noticed he had stopped), he got back to his sit and burried his head on his arms like a school kid that just got grounded.. He was crying… i couldnt resist, i wrote him a note, saying he was the best of the night and that he sould BELIEVE!

Later, i’ve been told  that he read this note on the mic on the following open mic night.

Then today, my friend Ra, just sent me this video, it’s old (before he changed to be INTERNET)

i can tell you he’s playing already much much better and that his fingers are much nicer to him right now





and here are a couple of his songs

If you would like to buy the tracks (they're 0,50p each) come here

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