So Cute Soko

I met Soko back in 2007 in a festival i dont remember where

I was really into her songs at that time, Dandy Cowboy was my favourite one. When i saw her passing through me in the backstage area i just exclaimed her name ( i wasnt calling her, it just vomited her name out of my mouth). As easy as breathing we became friends from that day on. And through this years we’ve been sharing the PAIN that is making an album, a solo album, an album that really matters for yourself, that gets your point through…

I feel music has been losing its soul, the horrbile process of “un-arting” music… That’s why girls like Soko makes the world a better place to live…Viva La Resistance!

Her album is out Halloween 2011, and you can check her website here .


One Response to “So Cute Soko”

  1. chernau braind Says:

    I ❤ Soko Magalhaes

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