Ruído mm



Alongside with Lendário Chucrobillyman they are my favourite band from my dear hometown Curitiba (south of Brazil)

They just put  an Album out Introdução à  Cortina do Sotão (something like: introduction to the curtains of the attic) . It’s only 6 songs and it makes you wish it were 60.

While listening to it, i made a list of things i thought about it:


-Spaghetti Western (whistles whistles whisles omg i love them)

-70’s action movies

-Chinese people

-road trip from Curitiba to Castro

-neon Jelly fish

-dogs running on a field

and i also got very inspired, and i’m stoping the list to go play my guitar


get the album for free here











2 Responses to “Ruído mm”

  1. Rafael Panke Says:

    haha, loved your list. you definitely got it. ;^)

  2. RUÍDO/MM – Resenha do Daily Marina Gasolina : Sinewave Says:

    […] lá o post completo. Category: NewsTags: […]

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