Paulo Leminski

I already posted one of his poems here but in portuguese

Paulo Leminski is a writer and poet born in my dear hometown Curitiba Paraná Brasil, probably the most talented person to ever come out of this shy quasi-fascist province.

I’ve been looking for some translations in English or French to give it to my husband, but so far i only found compilations of post-modernists brazilian poets.

But,  i ended up stumbling on this website  and there is a bunch of his poems translated into english, and actually, Chris Daniels captured quite well the humour and acidness of Leminski.

here are some of my favourites:


between external duty 
and eternal doubt 
my commercial heart goes
 epitaph for the body 

Here lies a great poet. 
He left nothing written. 
This silence, I suspect, 
Is his complete works. 


epitaph for the soul 
here lies an artist 
master of disasters

 with the intensity of art 
ruined his heart

 god pity
 his disguises


this life’s a trip
 too bad i’m just 
passing through



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