I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic lately. First i started painting and making my own art work, sitckers, preparing some t-shirts, listening to all my teenagethood bands and asking myself how in hell i let my mom throw away all my amazing bands t-shirts and military boots from when i was 13. Funny thing is, this nostalgia feeling ended up bringing up MORE AND MORE NOSTALGIA.

Then, I bought this book a couple of weeks ago, i read about it when it was out, but ended up completely forgetting about it until i got face to face with it last month at Rough Trade. Reading this book and the history of how those girls felt when they were starting, made me connect straight away to the way i felt when i was 12, the only girl in school to like rock, the only girl i knew that played an instrument, and really wanted to find other girls to play with and how hard it was to find people like me. (luckily i found them and they are the best friends ill ever have in my life 🙂 )


Then i remembered my teen time bands. I even remembered how to play one of the songs from one of those bands…. The one called “I want you”… I never imagined what would happen in the week after this.

I posted on facebook about going back to my home town next month, Estrela that used to play drums on the band that made the song called “I want you”, misunderstood my comment as i was moving back there and she just commented: BISCUIT PRIDE REVIVAL.

At the moment i just thought it impossible as im only staying in brazil for mere 5 weeks, but 3 minutes later i thought it could be fun to rehearsal a couple of times and maybe do a gig. But then i thought, we need to convince the rest of the band and i thought that was gonna be harder. But turns out, EVERYONE WAS EXCITED AS I WAS 🙂




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2012 is the year of the GRRRRRRRRRRRRLS!


UPDATE! just a couple of inspirational videos:

this Kathleen Hanna talking about Girls to the Front

and this is Kim Gordon reading the Riot Grrrrl Manifesto on a Kathleen Hanna tribute


2 Responses to “GIRLS TO THE FRONT”

  1. Fernando RA (@ferwhite) Says:

    quero ser biscuit pride em curitiba, sem mais!

  2. Fernando RA (@ferwhite) Says:

    quero ver biscuit pride em curitiba, sem mais!

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