My favourite movie when i was 4

September 30, 2011

i can’t believe it’s rated 2.9 in IMDB



September 28, 2011

and do you remember, one month ago

people got their houses burned in LDN , while the pigs were WATCHING




September 28, 2011


the people that rule the world think exactly like this guy

they dream about the same thing

and they don’t care how many people will lose their jobs and homes, or worse, starve to death.

poverty is not in a far away land anymore. you no longer will be able to pretend it just doesnt exist.

get ready.

we’ve done nothing to stop this.


Jesus is Brazilian

September 21, 2011

this guy claims he’s the new Jesus

he’s been trying to reach younger followers by doing this

i used to always see him preaching on wal-mart back in my home town.

you can also check his MYSTIC version of Eye of the Tiger


You can spend a whole day like me just browsing his youtube channel.


How to dress PUNK for girls

September 12, 2011




Ruído mm

September 5, 2011



Alongside with Lendário Chucrobillyman they are my favourite band from my dear hometown Curitiba (south of Brazil)

They just put  an Album out Introdução à  Cortina do Sotão (something like: introduction to the curtains of the attic) . It’s only 6 songs and it makes you wish it were 60.

While listening to it, i made a list of things i thought about it:


-Spaghetti Western (whistles whistles whisles omg i love them)

-70’s action movies

-Chinese people

-road trip from Curitiba to Castro

-neon Jelly fish

-dogs running on a field

and i also got very inspired, and i’m stoping the list to go play my guitar


get the album for free here











August 17, 2011

thanks Sudoeste , thanks Ana! Portugal ROXXXXX


August 16, 2011

i was in Portugal, i played an amazing gig in Sudoeste Festival, and was taking some days off in south of Portugal.. just driving around the country that made my country…also, it was my 3rd marriage anniversary ❤ ❤ ❤

my friends started texting me , asking me if everything was alright in my house, and i really didnt get why…

so on the morning after (09/08) i go to buy the paper and i see this on the front page:




This toy horse was on the PORCH of my house. The burning car is exaclty IN FRONT of my house.

Looters are Losers.






So Cute Soko

August 1, 2011

I met Soko back in 2007 in a festival i dont remember where

I was really into her songs at that time, Dandy Cowboy was my favourite one. When i saw her passing through me in the backstage area i just exclaimed her name ( i wasnt calling her, it just vomited her name out of my mouth). As easy as breathing we became friends from that day on. And through this years we’ve been sharing the PAIN that is making an album, a solo album, an album that really matters for yourself, that gets your point through…

I feel music has been losing its soul, the horrbile process of “un-arting” music… That’s why girls like Soko makes the world a better place to live…Viva La Resistance!

Her album is out Halloween 2011, and you can check her website here .


July 27, 2011

My favourite female character ever.

there’s a really good article about Shahrazad and the gender issue on 1001 nights here